Why choose Crowthorne Kitchens?

Crowthorne Kitchens specialises in providing custom, high end kitchen designs that feature the latest styles, with innovative improvements for comfort and functionality. Our luxury kitchens are not only stylish, but made with superior quality and cutting edge engineering. We make award winning kitchens from Europe (primarily Germany) and we are confident we will provide a service that exceeds your expectations. 


Which kitchen manufacturers do you work with?

We work directly with multiple industry leading kitchen brands from Europe. We only work with the highest quality and we do not offer any low end materials like many of the bigger chains do. We believe kitchens should be manufactured to last; not just look good for a few months after installation. 


Do you offer kitchen design services?

Yes, you’ll be working directly with one of our highly trained and experienced kitchen design professionals to design a kitchen specially tailored for you. Together we’ll match your personal style and taste with your storage needs, making your dream kitchen a reality within your budget and time frame.


What are the benefits of a kitchen designed from Europe?

Our European kitchen designs are fully customisable with hundreds of colour options and a wide variety of finishes to choose from. Each kitchen is brilliantly developed, manufactured, and constructed with top quality materials and techniques. Made in European factories, these kitchens utilise the latest modern kitchen designs, lighting, cabinetry and appliances, while remaining competitively priced.


Can you renovate any kitchen, regardless of the size?

Yes, we design the kitchen specifically for your space. Our kitchen designers are trained to accommodate your specific requirements. We can work with small kitchen areas (like apartments) up to the largest chef kitchens. Each of our lines has many style and price point options allowing us to accommodate almost any size project.


Does Crowthorne Kitchens have a showroom?

Yes, we have a deceptively large kitchen showroom located in Crowthorne, Berkshire near the train station. For more information or to locate our kitchen showroom, visit our contact us page or call us at 01344 778898